Weber Q Grill Reviews

The Weber q grill is one of the most sold outdoor gas grills! All you need to know you can find right here.

weber Q gas grillWith over 85 million American households owning an outdoor grill, we all have seen many grills either with charcoal, electric or propane gas.
The Weber q grill series is a series that have been around for a while and have proven its quality and durability. There are 3 series in the Q line, the 1000, 2000 and 3000 series. The 1000 and 2000 are still very portable and the 3000 series is big enough for some serious outdoor entertaining.

The Weber grills have a great reputation. Their quality is famous all over the world.

The Weber q 1000

==> Click here for the Weber q 1000 review <== weber q 1000The 189 9 square inch cooking space of the Q1000 in combination with the stainless steel burner will provide enough space and heat for all sorts of grilling. Just ignite the burner with the push button ignition and a few minutes later you can start cooking.
The disposable liquid propane cylinders are easy to change.


The Weber q 1200

weber Q 120==> Click here for the Weber q 1200 review <== Although it looks like the Q 1200 grill features almost the same as the 1000, there are some significant differences.
It contains more cooking space and is with its 31 pound weight still very portable.
The cast iron body will not rust and the porcelain coated cast iron grate makes great grill marks.
On the 2 tuck away tables you have room enough for a big plate.
Even though the 8.500 BTU and single burner would make you think that it would use a lot of gas, it uses not much gas.
Hooked up to a larger tank it can last you all summer.

The Weber q 2000

weber q 200==> Coming Soon<==The first time I looked at the  Q200 on amazon I was surprised by the 107 customer reviews.
One of them was from someone who had used this Weber gas grill for over 4 year and was still very happy with it.
The features like the 12.000 BTU and the 280 square inch cooking space makes this to a very versatile grill.
The folding side tables fold up inside the grill and this is a big plus for storage.
The disposable propane cylinders are very convenient. There is always the option to purchase the hose for an  larger external propane tank.

The Weber q 2200

weber q 220==> Coming Soon <== With its 280 square inches cooking area and 12.000 BTU there is not much that can go wrong with the Weber q 220.
The electronic ignition makes it real easy to light the tubular stainless steel burners.
Its tall lid with build in thermometer makes cooking at the right temperature a breeze.
You can easily place a big plate on the 2 durable side tables. These side tables will fold and store inside the grill.
This makes storing the grill in a RV or even a car pretty easy.
needles to say that the cast iron grades leave perfect grill marks.
The Weber q 220 uses propane cylinders, but with an adapter can be adjusted for larger tanks.

The Weber q 3000

weber q 300==> Coming Soon <== The 2 stainless steel burners and cooking area of 393 square inches in combination with the bolt on cart makes this grill to a nice looking piece of equipment.
It uses 20 lb refillable propane tanks.
The removable folding tables with tool holders are big enough for a big plate
bolt onto cart makes it to a sturdy grill.
The best part? The porcelain coated cast iron grates.
Perfect grill marks every time, easy to clean and they will last for a long time.

The Weber q 3200

weber q 320Click her to read the Weber Q3200 Review 149 customer reviews and an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars should tell you enough about the Weber Q 3000 outdoor gas grill.
The two stainless steel burners combine a 21.700 BTU.
This full size model gas grill benefits more from a full time installation on your deck or patio.
393 square inches, durable cast aluminum body  and 2 side tables makes it to the perfect grilling machine.
With the build in thermometer in the lid is easy to maintain the right cooking temperature.
The refillable 20 lb propane tanks will provide you with hours and hours of grilling.

Weber q grill reviews

Here is a video from Weber Australia, but they are the same q grills available in the U.S

The Weber q grill series offer a quality product for all ranges of grilling outside.
From a burger to a juicy steak. It all can be cooked on one of the Weber q grills

We advice you to have a look at the grill covers to keep your Weber q grill protected from the weather.

Weber electric outdoor grills

weber q electricAlthough this website is about gas grills I want to mention something about the Weber  Q series electric models.
The Weber q electric models are ideal for inside the city where sometime it is not allowed to use gas.
The 6 foot grounded cords will give you a lot of choice in putting it where you want it.
This electric grill is only for outside use!
The cast iron cooking grate and the heat retention liners in the cover and bottom will provide you with a constant temperature.

Weber History

Some history about this world famous company.
Back yard griller George Stephens was set to build a better grill when he became frustrated with all the problems he had with his grill.
The uncontrollable flames and the wind and rain made him determine to find a grill that would work better.
His first kettle was made from a cut in half buoy with a rounded lid.
His grill became popular in his how town pretty fast and after that we know that it became an American icon.
In the late 50’s of the last century Stephen bough out the Weber factory and devoted all his time on the famous kettle.

In the 60’s and 70’s the Weer became a well know brand in the whole country. And the product was distributed in many stores.
After that, when grilling became more and more popular, there were many new models manufactured,
With the biggest release in 2007 since the start of the Weber company when 14 new gas grills were put into the market.

With the quality of the Weber grill, it is my personal opinion, that a Weber will always be a good choice.
And with the leading manufacturer in BBQ’s, grills and smokers the Weber company has a reputation that they will do anything to be there for there customers.

If you want to read the whole Weber history or want to have a look at their website just click on the following link ==> Weber grill website <==