Weber Q Grill Comparison Chart

Sometimes it is hard to find the right model even after narrowing it down to the brand you prefer.
Here we have created a comparison chart for the Weber Q grill series.
Recently Weber has changed the Q grill numbers and added a 0 at the end. They have done that after making some in my opinion minor changes. Most of them are cosmetic and mad the grills look nicer
It is basically the same grill, just with a higher number.
For the full Weber Q grill reviews we did you can just click on the link in the left row.


Compare Weber Q Grills

Modelprice rangecooking spacebtuburnersgrateignition
Weber q 1000 review $100 - $200189 sq inch8500 BTUonePorcelain-enameled cast-ironPush-button
Weber Q 1200 review$100 - $200189 sq inch8500 BTUonePorcelain-enameled cast-ironElectronic ignition
Weber Q2000$200- $300280 sq inch12,000 BTUonePorcelain-enameled cast-ironPush-button
Weber q 2200$200- $300280 sq inch12,000 BTUonePorcelain-enameled cast-ironElectronic ignition
Weber q 3000$300 - $400393 sq inch21,700 BTUtwoPorcelain-enameled cast-ironPush-button
Weber q 3200 review$300 - $400393 sq inch21,700 BTUtwoPorcelain-enameled cast-ironElectronic ignition


I had another good look at the old and new numbers, but I can not find many difference in the models or specs. for the Weber q grills.

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