Weber Q 1200 review

weber Q 1200For most people it is just know under the name q 1200. There are big differences with the Weber Q 1000. That are the side tables, the thermometer in the lid, the electronic ignition and the larger cooking area. With its 8.500 BTU you will experience more then enough heat for all types of grilling.
Available in 14 colors there is always one that fits your backyard.

I found 48 reviews on amazon and the average was a 4.5 out of 5 stars. A very high score.

  • 5 stars—40
  • 4 stars—-3
  • 3 stars—-2
  • 2 stars—-1
  • 1 star—–2

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What the reviewers say about the Weber q 1200

In general the q1200 gets real good reviews and the ratings, you can read above, proof that. I have not seen to many cons of this grill in all the reviews I read. It comes highly recommended for as well portable as for home use. Basically you can not go wrong with a Weber Q grill.

  • Porcelain enameled cast iron grates. This is the part where everyone agrees on. they retain the heat very well and produce nice grill lines on the meat. These grill lines give the meat part of its flavor.
  • 8.500 BTU. The 8500 BTU heats up the grill real fast. In about 7 minutes it comes up to 500 degrees.
  • Cast aluminum body. The cast aluminum glass reinforced body and lid, want rust and  give the grill part of its weight, but also makes it still very portable
  • Stainless steel burner. The stainless steel burner is build to last man years. Some reviews mention that they own this grill for many year without any problems.
  • Cheap on gas. The q 120 is pretty cheap in the use of propane. 2 hours of non stop grilling on one small gas tank is pretty good.
  • Upgrade to larger propane tank. With the adapter hose (sold separately) you can hook the grill up to a 20lb propane tank. I have read some problems with the regulator in combination with the larger tanks, but that seem to be an old problem and it looks like Weber solved this problem with the newer models.

One person mentioned that it also takes the 16.4 Oz propane cans who are more easy available he says.

  • Cleaning. When it comes to cleaning after the grilling is done, we all want to have that done as fast as possible. The q 1200 cleans very easy when it is still warm. Just use a wire brush and the grate will be clean. Someone else mentioned to line the grill with foil and just dispose that after using the grill.
  • Drip pan. The drip pan is easy to use and prevent flare ups.

Cons of the Weber q 1200.

Although there are no real negative things to be said about this grill there are a few things that have to be said.
Not for slow cooking
Due to the high temperatures this grill is not for slow cooking
Inside is not real smooth
This makes cleaning the inside a little hard. This was mentioned just one time.

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