Weber Q 1000 review

Rating: 4.7 Reviewed by Eddie

The Weber q 1000 portable grill – A must for the serious griller

Although the official name is Weber 386002 Q 1000 portable propane gas grill, most people just call it the Q 1000 or even baby Q.

Weber q 1000 review

Talking about a baby you expect it to be small and petite. This grill however is anything but small an petite. I have researched many reviews and was surprised by all the great things I find out about this portable gas grill.


There are over 450 reviews on amazon and that alone surprised me all ready. Here are the results of the reviews.

Average score:5 stars out of 5 to give

  • 5 stars – 85%
  • 4 stars – 9%
  • 3 stars – 2% vote
  • 2 stars – 1% votes
  • 1 star – 3% votes

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Weber q 1000 propane gas grill reviews.

I did not read all the 251 reviews, because many of them tell the same story. I have highlighted as many as I thought are relevant for you to make a choice to go for this portable Weber grill.

Overall the Weber q 1000, as you can see from the votes, comes highly recommended. The things that most people are giving a high score about are the fact that it is portable, but still pretty sturdy compared to grills in the same price range.

Lid and body

The lid an body are made of though cast aluminum  and the frame is glass reinforced.

Heavy grate

The grate of any grill is one of the main parts. This is after all where you meat goes. The heavy grate of this Weber baby q 1000 grill gets a lot of complements. It will make perfect grill marks, and heats evenly. this is one of the main advantages of a porcelain enameled cast iron grate, and I have read this many times.

Push button ignition

The push button ignition works fine and it prevents you from fooling with a grill lighter, which seems, I never can find when I need it.

Fuel efficient

There are several reviews that mention the fuel efficiency of the Weber 100, and that the tank last a lot longer then expected.

Stainless steel burner

The stainless steel burner has no problems heating the 189 square inches of cooking space.

8.500 BTU

There were a few remarks about having doubt at first about the 8.500 BTU. But after the first use of this grill those doubts were gone. 8.500 BTU is more then enough for this grill.

weber q 100

Advice from real users.
There are a few words of advice I found in the reviews that I think I should share on this page.

Drip pan
Buy the disposable drip pans, that are sold separately. This will make cleaning up a lot faster.

Cleaning the grill
Clean it with a wire brush when it is still warm. The debris will come of easier. It will even clean easier when you apply a light coat of oil in the grates before cooking, since this prevents the meat form sticking.

Although I did not find too many problems, there was one that I read a few times.

Upgrade to a larger propane tank
This was a problem for some people. It seems that the regulator that comes with the Weber q 1000 can stop working on a larger propane tank because of a build in safety in the newer regulator. I advice you to have a look at this before upgrading to a larger propane tank.

No indirect cooking
Although this is not a surprise on a small grill with one ring burner, there was someone who made this comment about this baby Weber gas grill.

As a total I can say that over all most people are very satisfied with the q 1000 and many of them have used it for many years, and like one of the reviewers wrote after all it is a Weber.

Here is a youtube video with a great review.

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