Coleman Roadtrip Grill LXE Review

Rating: 4.9 Reviewed by Eddie

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coleman roadtrip grill lxe reviewThere is always a portable Coleman grill available for every situation. A roadtrip, a trip to the park or just to the neighbors yard. The Coleman Roadtrip LXE grill review tells you it is ready to go, easy to setup and fast pre-heated. These are just 2 of the many features.

Coleman roadtrip grill LXE ratings

Convenience, versatility and clever is a remark on the Coleman roadtrip grill lxe that you can find online on reviews of this Coleman roadtrip grill.
This is a full size grill and comes very recommended in many reviews I have been reading.

Available colors

Black, Blue, Green, Maroon, Orange, Purple, Red and Silver.
No problem to find a color that fits your style and backyard, patio or deck desing.
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The name roadtrip makes it all clear that this is the perfect grill for traveling and tailgating.

Cast iron grates

the cast iron grates who are coated in porcelain and are absolutely warp free.
The well designed concept makes this Coleman grill very easy to clean.
Even though most users still use foil under the burners for grease trapping and even easier cleaning.

Coleman roadtrip grill setup

The setup and tear down of this propane grill is done in seconds.
This makes it very easy to use for tailgating and road trips
Out of the box comes a near complete Coleman grill and all that has to be done is easy and simple to assemble.

Pre heating of the grill

Like it says in the Coleman roadtrip  lxe grill manual, the grill needs to be preheated.
The grill heats fast and evenly and is ready to use in no time.

Even though it is not easy to cook with the lid closed, according to some reviews it is still an easy grill to take with you.
Even on a small trip to the neighbors yard this grill is called the best grill for a grilling road show

Coleman roadtrip accessories

Two of the Coleman roadtrip grill lxe accessories are a griddle and a grate and both are money wisely spend.
The well designed concept makes it possible to use this Coleman grill to stand on its own and still makes it portable.

Coleman roadtrip lxe grill reviews

There are many review to be found on the internet about this Coleman grill.
Here are some highlights from amazon

Over 3500 reviews I found for this Coleman grill

  • 5 stars – 68%
  • 4 stars – 16% votes
  • 3 stars – 6% votes
  • 2 stars – 4% votes
  • 1 star – 6% votes

Average 4.4 stars out of 5. This is in my opinion a very high score.

More features of the Coleman roadtrip grill lxe.

  • 36 inch
  • 285 square inch
  • two 10.000 BTU burners
  • perfect flow control system
  • Removable grease management tray
  • grill, griddle and stove capability
  • Limited 5-year warranty
  • accessories are griddle an grate

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Customer reviews of the Coleman Road Trip LXE

coleman road trip ratingsWe have found over 3500 very positive ratings of this nice portable outdoor gas grill. With and average of 4.4 out of 5 stars there is not much wrong with this grill I would say.
The lower ratings make mentions about the grill is sensitive to moisture and rust fast. But others mention no problem with that at all.

The higher ratings mention the easy to use side tables that slide in very simple and come in very handy. This is a feature you do not see to many times on a portable grill.

Coleman adapter propane hoseAlthough the grill does no use a lot of gas it gets pretty hot and that is caused by the burners that are just under the grill grates.
<<==There is an option for a larger gas tank if you purchase the high pressure 5 ft hose and adapter.

The regulator for the flame works great and the flame can be turned up and down very easy and is mentioned as highly controllable.

Some other pros that were mentioned several time were the easy to store feature because of the size when it is folded down. There is some minor assembly and this might take 20 minutes at the most.

Our opinion for the Coleman Roadtrip LXE propane gas grill

Taking in consideration all the good reviews and just a few negative points I think we can recommend this grill to you. The available colors and other accessories makes it even easier to find the perfect grill for your needs. This all makes the Coleman roadtrip grill lxe to one of the most popular grills available. With 90% of the ratings in the 3,4 and 5 stars you can not go wrong with this Coleman Road Trip LXE propane grill.

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