Best Hamburger On The Grill Recipe

There is one thing that you have to do if you ever want to grill a hamburger like the one that you had in that restaurant the other day and you said “Wow, this is the best burger ever”

One of the main reasons that some burgers are dry and taste like nothing is ….FAT.

Yes, you have read it right.
We are all told to cook lean and fat free and that is great as long as we are no talking about a nice juicy burger.
Use meat with about 20% fat and I bet you that your burgers will taste a lot better.

Preparation of the meat.

I like to keep my burgers around 5 or 6 ounces. That gives the best result.
Bigger takes too long and dries out the outside.
Thinner is hard to cook and makes them burn to fast.

When you have added your favorite seasoning and are ready to make the burger remember not to pack the meat to tight. This is a very common mistake and one of the reasons the inside is sometimes not done and the outside is too hard and dry.

Some other mistakes you can make

  • Temperature too low.
  • Flip more than once
  • They start to look like a ball instead of a burger

Temperature too low.

This is not good for a burger. They have to be cooked on a high temp to keep the flavor and juices inside.

Flip more than once

The juices want to move away from the heat and by flipping them all the time the juice will bounce all around the meat and that will not do any good to the end result.

hamburgerKeep them flat
Here is a tip I got from a very experienced cook.
Before cooking the burger make an indent in the middle.
Not to deep and not to shallow.
This will prevent them from looking like a ball instead of a burger.
Tip: you can add some seasoning like Worcester in the indent to add some flavor.


One other real important thing.
Do not use a spatula and squish you burgers….. I cannot tell this to many times.
This will ruin your burger by squishing all the juice out of them.

Now heat up that grill and start grilling these pretty perfect prepared burgers.

The main question I always get is how long to cook a burger


There is no time to set for that, but I would start with about 5 or 6 minutes and when you start seeing juices on top of the meat is time to flip them bad boys. Most of the time the second half of this process is shorter because the first part cooks the burgers more than half way the meat. So I would say about 3 till 4 minutes should do it.

After they have been cooked do not make the mistake to eat them right away.
Let them sit for about five minutes (covered up if you like) to give the juices time to flow back into the meat.

burgers on a gas grill


Hope this tips will improve your burgers from a “they are okay” to a “Wow those are the best burger I had in a long time” experience.
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