About Us

My name is Eric Vanburen and I love to grill and BBQ.
In this blog I review outdoor gas grills.

There are so many outdoor gas grills that is almost impossible to review them all.
I have made a selection of outdoor grills that I think are a reflections of the market.
Additional outdoor grills will be added.

If you have any questions about this blog or outdoor gas grills, do not hesitate to contact me.
my contact information is available on the Contact Us page in the main menu.

We are building a list of grill recipies. If you have a favorite recipe and want to share it. Just go to the contact page and email it to us. If you want we will include you name, so you will get the credit for it.

There are sponsored links on our website that will give us a small fee for telling you about it.
This will never increase your price and I will never link to a products I would not use myself.
I always advise to do your own research.

Feel free to drop me a question, remark or simple hello.