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Summer and winter we like to grill. With an outdoor gas grill this is easy to do. No more messing with charcoal and get dirty before you start cooking. No more waiting for the charcoal to be ready. Just turn on the grill, preheat and start cooking. Outdoor gas grill are available in all price ranges.



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  • Propane gas. Propane gas is on of the most used fuels for an outdoor grilling. The easy of use and the safety features contributes to this popularity.
    Some people mention that the smell of charcoal is what thy miss with grilling, but this is just merely a personal observation and has nothing to do with the flavor of the food.
  • Models. There are many models available. from portable till complete outdoor kitchens.From tailgate till outdoor build in gas grills. The possibilities are endless and there is always a model available to fit your needs
  •  Portable outdoor gas grills. The portable versions make it possible to take a propane grill with us on road trips or traveling. When you travel with children you know they get hungry on most inconvenient moments. with a portable propane gas grillyou can just stop at a rest stop and cook a meal while they stretch there legs.
  •  Adjustable legs. Some models come with adjustable legs. that comes in real handy sometimes. Although they can be used as a table top gas grill.you do not depend on that and can adjust the length of the legs to any situation.
  • Side burners. Side burners are a perfect solution for cooking some veggies or just keep things warm while the meat is still cooking.Just like in a regular kitchen, you can never have enough space to cook
  •  Colors and variations. The latest fashion color is stainless steel and that is why almost all the models are available in this.This is of course a personal preference and there are also many gas grills available in black and sometimes all kind of other colors.
  •  Table top outdoor gas grill. This is still one of the most sold outdoor gas grills. Maybe because it is so easy to setup and even to take with you.Tailgating or on the campground you see them everywhere.The fact that they are not to big and easy to store makes them even more popular.The big outdoor build in gas grills most of the time get cleaned real good at the end of the season and not used in the winter months.The table top however is so easy to setup and clean that even in the cold winter months you can cook a nice juicy steak on it.
  • Outdoor kitchens. The big outside kitchens with sometimes 6 burners makes us all wish that summer never ended.
    Entertaining guest and cooking at the same time is something most woman love about these complete outdoor gas grill kitchens.
    A big build in gas grill in combination with a barbeque galore turbo gas grill is the perfect example.
  • Outdoor gas grill brands. There is a large variety in brands and prices. we all know the name Weber, Cuisinart, and char broil of course.
    With all the available brands and options there is always one that fits your needs and budget.
  • Outdoor gas grills accessories. It is so easy to find a present for the outside cook. The accessories are endless and there is always something he or she can use to make
    the cooking on a outdoor gas grill to an even better and more delicious meal.
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Delicious And Delectable: Split Pea Soup

Vegetarian split pea soup has its origins in being the staple food for manual workers since ancient times. The very label of this particular dish being ‘layman’s fare’ should perhaps indicate to us its nutrition value. After all, once a laborer or a workman finished a hard day’s work, he or she needed some sort of sustenance that not only filled stomachs but also maintained their energy and stamina levels for the work that was to come the very next day. Expert nutritionists believe these days that there is wisdom and valuable advice to be found in the traditional food choices the poorest classes.

Split pea soup has often been depicted in children’s tales as the sort of fare that is not really appetizing or what can be perceived to be a delicacy, but it is whole and filling and something that moms and grand moms will fondly prepare for you beside a welcoming fire once you return home.

However, even such a humble dish such as vegetarian split pea soup has seen its moments of glory in royal courts and other distinguished places. The French seemed to have particularly patronized this kind of fare in the royal tables in the 17th Century.

Split pea is not that popular a choice in modern kitchens due to the need in most recipes to soak the peas overnight. However vegetarian split pea soup remains one of the most nutritious choices in everyday fare for children as well as health conscious adults. It is a great source of protein, minerals and vitamin especially for those who prefer to stick to a strictly vegetarian fare in their food choices.

The hassle involved in making delicious split pea recipes can be eliminated easily. Recipezi.com here brings you one such recipe that makes use of dried split peas and yet makes for a nutrition-rich super food to be served up at meal times.


Few stalks of celery, chopped 6 cups chicken or vegetable broth 3 diced carrots 2 cups of dried split peas 1 tbsp fresh thyme Salt to taste 2 tbsp. butter 1 diced onion


Melt some butter in a large vessel and put in all the vegetables at one go. Let the vegetables cook until the onions start to turn nice and soft. Sprinkle a bit of thyme, add salt to taste and just keep stirring. Put in the split peas next and continue stirring. Finally add your choice of broth in specified quantities and keep stirring at intervals. The peas should turn nice and soft within a few minutes of this. Keep an eye on the consistency and add few drops of broth if required.


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